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SQ Software GmbH

Security Solutions for the Business Customers

We provide solutions and services protecting your products, workflows and networks with saver, more stable, reliant and high quality source code and components. 

About us

SQ Software GmbH

We are an innovative software company that specialises in the provision of standard and tailor-made software solutions for companies in the manufacturing industry. Our mission is to help our customers secure their products and business processes, increase efficiency and achieve better results. Our process driven and KPI based approach ensures the development and delivery of cyber hardened, secure products.






cyber security experience

Security Services

We offer professional security services by our specialists in the field of thread analysis, reverse engineering, red team services, forensic research, developing and assess TARA’s, hacking, networks & code, ISO 27001 Auditor, source code analysis, implementation of a secure SDLC and more

Security Software

We support you implementing software tools into your development process to detect and repair as many software flaws as early as possible. Understanding cyber threats and cyber-attacks is only part of the information needed to protect yourself. You must also know how cyber-attacks occur. Most attacks are a combination of semantic tactics used syntactically or, in simpler terms, an attempt to change a computer user's behaviour through some shady computer tactics.

Red Team

We offer organisations the opportunity to expose themselves to targeted, controlled attacks to identify vulnerabilities in the system. The scope includes network, system and component, social and personal attacks.

Software Development

As a software company, we develop customised software solutions for businesses. Using a process-driven, KPI-based approach, we develop high-quality products that meet our customers' needs. For example, we have developed threat analysis software to automate the development process of industrial objects and components.

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